Raw Talk for Life

The Raw Talk for Life Program

Briggs Law San Francisco supports Raw Talk for Life, which is a unique and aggressive community outreach program that focuses on violence prevention among youth in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Raw Talk came about from Eli Crawford’s vision of helping men and women avoid incarceration through better decision making.  Raw Talk conducts weekly direct intervention activities in the Western Addition, the Bayview, and the San Francisco County Jails. Raw Talk is building the capacity for case management and occupational opportunities. The Raw Talk team has worked tirelessly throughout 2012 and 2013 to build this program from the ground up.

The entire Raw Talk team is dedicated to providing a pure community service partnership where the priority is always at-risk youth and is untainted by personal agendas which is why we carefully select our community partners.

Executive Director: Eli Crawford the III

Eli Crawford was the leader of the largest Black prison gang in America. He spent over 40 years behind bars in the California State Prison system and the Federal system. He is now a relentless advocate for non-violence and positive decision making.  He spends a majority of his day standing face to face with at-risk men and women on the street corners and in the jails helping them understand that there is a better way.  Eli is one of the few people who has the street credibility to work with this population effectively. Eli can be reached at elicrawford48@yahoo.com.

Co-Director: Rico Hamilton

Rico Hamilton was a gang member and after spending time in the California State Prison system he committed his life to helping the African-American community to choose education and advancement instead of gangs and prison.  Rico has successfully developed early intervention programming for youth in the Western Addition.  His role with Raw Talk is not only as a powerfully articulate and active mentor but also the Program Coordinator for Raw Talk. Rico can be reached at ohamilton@healthright360.org.

Administrative Director: Curtis L. Briggs

Curtis L. Briggs is committed to helping at-risk youth understand how to succeed despite the fact they may not have the best options in life.  He had his own experience with gangs and crime when he was young and will never forget the heartbreak he felt when he watched his peers make poor choices because they did not believe they had the potential to succeed.  He coordinates and supervises administrative activities for Raw Talk.  Curtis can be reached at curt.briggs@gmail.com.